What's that?

The UCW library aims to provide a set general purpose tools for programming in the C language. In other words, to make writing of complex and very efficient programs in plain C a pleasure.

It originated as a part of the Sherlock Holmes search engine, but it is now developed separately.



The library can be distributed and used under the terms of GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), either version 2 or any later version. Several modules are in public domain.


Most parts of the library were written by Martin Mareš, Robert Špalek, Pavel Charvát, and Michal Vaner.


The latest release of LibUCW is version 5.0 (see release notes and online documentation).

It can be downloaded via HTTP or FTP.

The current development version can be checked out from our Git repository at git://, or you can examine the repository through gitweb.

Reporting bugs

All bug reports, ideas for new features and other wishes are welcome at Patches are welcome even more ;-)

If you use the library to your pleasure, the authors will be glad to hear that at the same address.

Extra libraries

The package also contains several other libraries from the Sherlock Holmes project, which you might find useful. So far, they are completely optional and not much documented.