This library provides a light-weight XML parser built atop LibUCW. It is primarily intended for efficient parsing of huge data sets, where other parsers are too slow and cumbersome.

Its features include:

  • High speed and low memory consumption, mainly thanks to efficient LibUCW primitives like fastbufs and mempools.

  • Multiple interfaces:

    • SAX-like: callback functions called on various parser events

    • Pull: for each call of the parser, it returns the next node

    • DOM-like: returns a data structure describing the whole tree of nodes

    • Any combination of the above: For example, when given a database with millions of records, you can pull on the top level and ask for DOM of each record separately.

  • Support of namespaces.

  • Complies with W3C recommendations on XML 1.0, XML 1.1, and Namespaces in XML 1.0 as a non-validating parser, but does not aim to support all frills of other XML-related standards.

  • Partial support for DTD-driven parsing: basic checks of document structure, filling in default values, expanding user-defined entities.



  • Pavel Charvát <> (main author)

  • Martin Mareš <> (minor hacking and support for namespaces)