The Installation of Moe

Moe can be installed in two possible ways:

Minimal Installation

Just invoke make and edit the top-level config file to suit your needs, leaving TEST_USER commented out.

In this setup, everything lives in the source tree you have started with and you don't need any special privileges for neither installation or running of the evaluator.

Beware: The evaluated programs are NOT fully separated from the evaluation environment and they could interfere with it. Use it only for playing with the package, not for any real competition.

Normal Installation

The recommended way is to let the evaluator use two user accounts. One (let's call the user moe) runs the evaluator and keeps all secret files like the test data, another one (mo-test) runs the tested programs. There can be multiple test users if you want to run several evaluators in parallel. However, in practice the evaluation is so fast that this is seldom needed.

How to set up this installation:

Contestants' homes

Moe can either take care of the home directories of contestants or use an existing infrastructure. In the former case, you need to do the following: