KOULES installation

This page describes how to install koules

Development of this page is slow because of hard situtaion!

Installtaion of binary distributions

Simply write::

cd /
tar xzf (path)/koules1.1c-(platform).tar.gz

For digital sound unpack:
cd /
tar xzf (cesta)/koules1.1c-sound.tar.gz

Installation of source distribution

Unpack it:

cd /
zcat (cesta)/koules1.1c-src.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Game will be unpacked to koules1.1c. Enter to it:

cd /

Now you must descide whay you want to isntall:
X11 version
Runs at all UNIX worstations with X windows system installed.
SVGALIB version
Runs at linux boxes with SVGAlib installed. You must be root to install this version. It's fater than X version and looks better, because it runs fullscreen.
HP-UX version
For workstation with HP-UX

Compilattion for X11

Edit the Iconfig for your computer and type:

xmkmf -a
make clean

Compile it:


If all is ok install it:

make install

Compilattion for SVGAlib

You need Linux and SVGAlib 1.2.0 or higher.
Edit the Makefile.svgalib for your computer and type:

make -f Makefile.svgalib

If all is ok install it:

make -f Makefile.svgalib installinstall

Compilattion for HPUX

Edit the Makefile.hpux for your computer and type:

make -f Makefile.hpux

If all is ok install it:

make -f Makefile.hpux installinstall

A nezbyva, nez se vratit na domaci stranku hry Koules
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