List of given talks

Research talks:
Title Date Event and/or Place
Adversary Lower Bound for the k-sum Problem 2013-01 ITCS 2013, Berkeley, CA
Designing efficient span programs 2008-11 WQACT 2008, NUS, Singapore
The multiplicative quantum adversary 2008-06 CCC 2008, Maryland
Span-program-based quantum algorithm for formula evaluation 2008-05 STOC 2008, Victoria
2007-09 NEC workshop, Princeton, New Jersey
2007-08 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Every NAND formula on N variables can be evaluated in time O(N½+ε) 2007-03 Quantum lunch, UC Berkeley
Negative weights make adversaries stronger 2007-02 California Institute of Technology
2007-01 Theory lunch, UC Berkeley
A New Quantum Lower Bound Method, with Applications to Direct Product Theorems and Time-Space Tradeoffs 2006-05 STOC 2006, Seattle
Quantum Time-Space Tradeoffs for Deciding Systems of Linear Inequalities 2006-02 University of Queensland, Brisbane
2006-01 Quantum lunch, UC Berkeley
2005-12 LRI, Orsay, CNRS-Université Paris-Sud
Quantum Algorithms for Matching and Network Flows 2005-11 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Quantum verification of matrix products 2006-01 SODA 2006, Miami
2004-03 Workshop on complexity, Dagstuhl
2004-01 RESQ meeting, Barcelona
All quantum adversaries are equivalent 2005-08 University of Calgary
2005-07 University of Waterloo
2005-07 ICALP 2005, Lisboa
2005-05 RESQ meeting, Budapest
2004-10 Workshop on algebraic methods, Dagstuhl
Quantum and classical strong direct product theorems and optimal time-space tradeoffs 2005-08 University of Calgary
2004-11 FOCS 2004, Rome
2004-09 DIMACS, Rutgers University, New Jersey
2004-09 EMS mathematical weekend, Charles University, Prague
2004-05 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Quantum circuits with unbounded fan-out 2003-02 STACS 2003, Berlin
2002-11 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
2002-10 Workshop on algebraic methods, Dagstuhl
Tutorial talks:
Classical simulation of quantum systems via tensor networks 2006-12 LRI, Orsay, CNRS-Université Paris-Sud
Quantum adversary lower bounds 2007-03 Quantum Computing course, UC Berkeley
2006-03 University of Queensland, Brisbane
Hardness vs. Randomness 2006-02 University of Queensland, Brisbane
Quantum search and network flows 2005-10 Charles University, Prague
Quantum random walk algorithms 2006-11 QC seminair, UC Berkeley
2006-02 University of Queensland, Brisbane
2005-10 Charles University, Prague
Polynomial Identity Testing and Circuit Lower Bounds 2003-10 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Quantum computation and quantum circuits 2003-09 Fall school of logic, Pec pod Sněžkou, Czech Republic

My teaching experience is listed in a separate document.