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Koules is game for UNIX and OS/2 warp. Linux is welcomed.

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Or in another order but for example win before play is not recomended!
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This page is under development. It ever will be...you see...

o X windows system support
o Svgalib up to 640x480 resolution
o Mixed digital sound! Linuxu, Freebsd, SUN OS and HP-UX is supported
o OS/2 Warp support
o Network play
o Networked audio servers also supported Rplayd a NAS
o Up to 4 players
o 99 levels + 1 bonus
o Cooperative or deathmatch mode
o Keyboard, mouse, joystick can be used

Intro text
Game story...
some gifs from game..
Ascii arted screenshots
For lynx users
Koules distribution
Sources and binaries of game..
How to install koules
Tips and tricks
Do you play one level longer than minute? Or do you think that difficulty medium is too hard? This page is for you!
Koules for OS/2
Latest OS/2 distribution and information about development

My name is Jan Hubicka. Koules I did in 1995. You may visit my hubicka@ucw.cz Comments, ideas, flames or sheques are welcomed

Copyright(C) 1996 Jan Hubicka
All rights reserved