Honza Hubicka

Czech version of this page

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(this is expected to be my photo in ascii-art)

So thats me. I've born in april the 1st 1978 and currently I study computer science at Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University. Most time I spend by sleeping, programming, free software and mathematics.

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      G+ e h! r-                                                         
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------                                          


Min Jan 4 2002
I've moved the pages to new place and made new version of the Sechtl & Vosecek homepage.
Mon Jan 4 CET 1999
I've made english version of my great-great-grandfather's homepage. He was a pioneer in photography and cinematography, most likely, the first photographer to make a photo montage, a fisherman and an actor. He did lots of funny photos you might see in the virtual gallery there.

I've also made new great-grandfather's homepage. He was also photographer and did lots of funny photos.

Remade is also my mother's homepage with mezzotint, litography, computer art and oil paintings.

Mon Jan 3 CET 1999
My pages are back after the disc crash. Please email me about all problems.

Dukeslkych bojovniku 1944
Tábor 390 03
Czech Republic

I don't want to waste you valuable time by my ugly english, so just few links follows:


I am maitainer of following programs: (I use open development model so I am not only author of those programs)
Realtime fractal zoomer. This program lets you explore fractals in animation. It also can record and replay it and also contains animated tutorials.
The game for X11, Linux/SVGAlib, OS/2 a DOS. It supports multiplayer at one computer or in the network, resolution up to 640x480, sound and IMO it is quite funny game. Please don't read the sources.
Again game, wich I liked at my old Sharp MZ-800 and ported to X11. It was one of my first programs in C, so please excuse poor quality of sources.
AA project
We've (my friend Kamil Toman and me) also created an larger project. It's base is library called AA-lib, wich allows to display graphics in the ascii art. So it is fast, portable and works even at MDA or hercules. We've also done demo for this technology called BB. Project is quite sucessfull, so we now have working ports of QUAKE etc. Because of GGI you might under AA-lib start X server and do almost everything. Using aview I've done my foto at this page.
Math plugin for GIMP
Most of other my programs (mostly for DOS or Sharp) are not maitained anymore. They are old and mostly useless. Thats why I don't have links to them here.

I am also doing some development at other projects such as Linux, DJGPP, EGCS, GIMP, SVGAlib etc...

My writtings

See papers page.

WWW pages

I am also maitainer of few larger WWW pages. They are also mostly in Czech, so just briefly:
My family homepage (English, Czech) skolicky (Czech only)
This is quite large index of Czech documentation for UNIX, GNU, C, X and such.


Easter sci-fi horror
Animation I've made in great 3d animation package called hubicka@ucw.cz