Given talks

Research talks:
Title Date Event and/or Place
Adversary Lower Bound for the k-sum Problem 2013‑01 ITCS 2013, Berkeley, CA
Designing efficient span programs 2008‑11 WQACT 2008, NUS, Singapore
The multiplicative quantum adversary 2008‑06 CCC 2008, Maryland
Span-program-based quantum algorithm for formula evaluation 2008‑05 STOC 2008, Victoria
2007‑09 NEC workshop, Princeton, New Jersey
2007‑08 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Every NAND formula on N variables can be evaluated in time O(N½+ε) 2007‑03 Quantum lunch, UC Berkeley
Negative weights make adversaries stronger 2007‑02 California Institute of Technology
2007‑01 Theory lunch, UC Berkeley
A New Quantum Lower Bound Method, with Applications to Direct Product Theorems and Time-Space Tradeoffs 2006‑05 STOC 2006, Seattle
Quantum Time-Space Tradeoffs for Deciding Systems of Linear Inequalities 2006‑02 University of Queensland, Brisbane
2006‑01 Quantum lunch, UC Berkeley
2005‑12 LRI, Orsay, CNRS-Université Paris-Sud
Quantum Algorithms for Matching and Network Flows 2005‑11 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Quantum verification of matrix products 2006‑01 SODA 2006, Miami
2004‑03 Workshop on complexity, Dagstuhl
2004‑01 RESQ meeting, Barcelona
All quantum adversaries are equivalent 2005‑08 University of Calgary
2005‑07 University of Waterloo
2005‑07 ICALP 2005, Lisboa
2005‑05 RESQ meeting, Budapest
2004‑10 Workshop on algebraic methods, Dagstuhl
Quantum and classical strong direct product theorems and optimal time-space tradeoffs 2005‑08 University of Calgary
2004‑11 FOCS 2004, Rome
2004‑09 DIMACS, Rutgers University, New Jersey
2004‑09 EMS mathematical weekend, Charles University, Prague
2004‑05 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Quantum circuits with unbounded fan-out 2003‑02 STACS 2003, Berlin
2002‑11 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
2002‑10 Workshop on algebraic methods, Dagstuhl
Tutorial talks:
Classical simulation of quantum systems via tensor networks 2006‑12 LRI, Orsay, CNRS-Université Paris-Sud
Quantum adversary lower bounds 2007‑03 Quantum Computing course, UC Berkeley
2006‑03 University of Queensland, Brisbane
Hardness vs. Randomness 2006‑02 University of Queensland, Brisbane
Quantum search and network flows 2005‑10 Charles University, Prague
Quantum random walk algorithms 2006‑11 QC seminair, UC Berkeley
2006‑02 University of Queensland, Brisbane
2005‑10 Charles University, Prague
Polynomial Identity Testing and Circuit Lower Bounds 2003‑10 Seminar, CWI, Amsterdam
Quantum computation and quantum circuits 2003‑09 Fall school of logic, Pec pod Sněžkou, Czech Republic

Teaching experience

UC Berkeley (2007)
guest lecture on quantum lower bounds at the Quantum Computation course by Umesh Vazirani
Amsterdam (2004)
I was a teacher assistant for the course of quantum computation and information at the University of Amsterdam.
Prague (1998–2001)
I was a teacher assistant for the basic programming course (Pascal, algorithms, and data structures) at the Charles University, Prague.
Organisation of olympiads (1997–2001)
I was a corrector of the czech national mathematical olympiad, category P (programming) for high-school students. I was a member of the Scientific Committee of Central European Olympiad in Informatics 1999, Brno.
Organisation of correspondence seminairs (1996–2001)
During my undergraduate studies in Prague, I corrected and organized the correspondence seminair in programming and the correspondence seminar in mathematics and physics M&M.