Older texts I wrote or edited

English subtitles for Arabela (2008)
Arabela is a wonderful Czech fairy tale series, popular all around the world. I ripped Czech subtitles from the DVD's, machine-translated them into English using Google Translate, and cleaned the translation up, so that my fiancée could watch it, too.

Here you can download the subtitles both in Czech and English. They are stored in the windows-1250 charset. Please beware that the English version is very crude.

The following texts are available only in Czech.

Lyrics (1999–2003)
Doug collected a lyrics for a few thousand czech folk songs. Originally, the are storech in an archaic T602 format. I wrote conversion scripts into TeX and PDF. The songs are printed in two columns, the guitar chords are typeset nicely in a mathematic mode, and several tables of contents are generated.

You can download the lyrics conversion macros and Doug's ZIP-files, and convert the files yourself. You can also download final clickable PDF-files with the typeset lyrics.

Linux VFS (2000)
A seminar paper on the structure of the Linux Virtual File System (VFS). I describe the structure of the kernel, caching, and programming file-system drivers.
Apache 1.3.X (1999)
A seminar paper on the internals of the Apache WWW-server. I describe the details of the compilation and configuration, SSL support, the individual phases of processing a request, and a lot of experiences with programming Apache modules.
MetaPost (1998)
A seminar paper on my experiences with MetaPost. I describe the MetaPost programming language and its differences from METAFONT. The paper includes 56 examples; some of them are taken from MetaPost-book, but most of the are mine. An improved version of this article was published in CsTUG boat.
MP3 (1998)
A seminar paper about the MP3 standard. I describe basic principles, compression algorithms, standards, a few useful programs, grabbing CD's, etc.
Rules of games (HTML and TeX, 1997)
I attended in total around 25 meetings of correspondence seminairs at the high school. We played a lot of interesting games there. I wrote a list of the best of them. The list of contents is sorted according to 4 criteria.

My scientific papers are listed in a separate document.