Walkthrough for Dragon History

1. To explore something properly, explore it several times in a row. After the mother slates us, we start at the hollow tree. Explore the cavity, and get a sling and a cigar. Go home and promise the mother to be good, and get a knife. Take also the spoon from the mug on the table under the window. In the pub, talk to the card players. Visit the comedian, get a stone marionette, and pick also the apple from the ground. On the bridge discover the dummy troll and notice the dartboard drawn on him. The real troll is lying under a tree in the wood. Meet a beggar in front of the castle and learn that he wants a doughnut with cream. Find a magician on a forest glade, make a date for a magic contest with him, and switch the stone marionette for the stone on the ground; this is the 1st third of ammunition for the sling. Find the lazy-fellow's house, talk to him, and promise to repair the flying-cake machine. Take a chamber pot from his house and an old piece of brick in front of his house.

2. In the forest, find a lea with the chairs, talk to them and learn about a secret entrance to the castle under two old stumps. Talk to the stumps and get to know that a lichen is itching them. Find a hedgehog in the wood, put the apple on the ground, and leave. Come back and pick the hedgehog. Visit the stumps and rub them by dropping the hedgehog on their roots. The stumps will move and unveil the secret entrance. Explore the grass near the stumps and find a broken hedgehog prick. Go to the dragon house and put the chamber pot on the ground. A fly flies out of it, gets trapped in the spider web, and the spider weaves a thread for us. Go to the castle. In the castle kitchen, take a funnel and rag, open one of the shelves and take a bit of sugar using the spoon. Open another self and take a yeast. Read the bill of fare and find out that today's menu is a dwarf goulash. Open the stove door and discover that there is hardly any fire. Also find out that one of the door in the castle cannot be open. Go to the chairs in the forest and tell them.

3. Clean the mirror in the pub using the rag, get an award from one of the card players (a pack of aces), and take a beer from the table. Spill the beer on the grass in the lea with the chairs, and the chairs will tell me how to open the door in the castle. Go there to open the door, talk to the main chair in the banqueting-hall, and get to know that her upholstery is damaged. Return from the castle. There is a new character in the pub—the barkeeper. Talk to him, give him the cigar and get a poster with an axe. He tells me about an unhappy dart thrower who went to the woods to hang himself. Go find him, talk to him, get to know about a darttree and a lisping chronicle, and get a key of his house. He shows us a little bell that we will later try to procure. Try to talk to the chronicle inside his house and realize that it is silent. At the darttree, attach the funnel on the trunk of the ill tree like a doctor with a stethoscope and see that the situation is serious—a worm eats out from the bark.

4. In the castle, replace the paper with library loans rules on the wall for the poster with the axe. Go to the magician, show him the paper, he fancies that I'm also a magician, and agrees to compete in magic. Show him a card trick and he will turn the stone marionette back to normal. Bring it to the comedian, he unbends and starts talking (really much). Ask him how come he can talk so well and he tells us about a magical herb in the mountains. Go to the mountains, pluck the herb and talk to the rocking tree, who actually isn't a tree but a wind snarled up in the tree. Promise that we will try to liberate him. Go to the dart-man's house with the magical herb with the intension to cure the chronicle, and discover that the chronicle has disappeared. There are some traces on the floor. Explore the exclamation mark (!) and get to know about a new location—the orks kidnapped the chronicle into a dark forest. Go there and find out that the orks refuse to give the chronicle over, but that they want to hear a fairy tale before going to bed. A new dwarf shows up in the pub; talk to him and get to know that he has escaped from a giant's den.

5. Go to the giant's den, find a deadwood in front of it and worn-out dwarf clothes inside it. Visit the banqueting-hall in the castle and repair the upholstery in the main chair using the thread from the spider, hedgehog's prick, and the dwarf clothes. Inspect the library in detail and learn that the fairy-tale book ins in the highest section and we cannot reach it. Ask the chair for a little favor; move it to the library, underlay it with a brick, step on it, and draw the book out. Go to the orks, read a fairy tale to them, and they will go to sleep. After having finished reading, find a piece of paper in the book. Inspect it in the inventory and learn that it is a script. Cut the beard of an ork using the knife, take a fire-hook, and talk to the chronicle. Learn from her about an old dragon cave, and a few details about the magical wand Evelyn; she will suggest how to cope with her (cook her in a soup).

6. Go to the dragon cave, find a faint-hearted knight in front of it and the dragon father with a treasure inside. Pick a stone in front of the cave; this is the 2nd third of the ammunition for the sling. Talk to the father; he won't leave but we will learn that he cannot sleep because something is constantly tinkling in his ears (it's the knight's armor). Inspect the treasure and find a ring. Go to the wind in the mountains, liberate him using the ring, and he will promise a reciprocal service. In the forest, use the spoon with the sugar to hook some ants up. Put the ants under the lying troll; he will stand up and go to watch the bridge. Pick a stone from the place where he lay; this is the last third of the sling ammunition. Inspect the tree which ho propped himself on and discover that it is besmeared with a pitch. In the castle kitchen, open the stove door, rake the fire up with the fire-hook and add the deadwood; this will burn the dwarf goulash. We will see how the feudal lord won't like the food and forbids eating the dwarves right away.

7. When the horn-blower booms the ban out, notice that he has flung his horn up, and it fell behind the dummy cannon in front of the castle. Visit the banqueting-hall once more and find a doughnut among the food remains on the table for the beggar. Come to the front of the castle and discover that the beggar has turned into a skeleton. Inspect it and take a handle of the window of the dragon house. Inspect also the dummy cannot and pick the horn. Return to the dragon cave and play together with the father; he will grievously blow the horn a few times, and the knight in front of the castle will start shaking his knees even more than before. Talk to the knight and a glittery part falls off his armor. Go to the bridge where a real troll stands now, talk to him and ask for his T-shirt. He won't give it to us yet. Using the glittery armor part, reflect the light on the troll a few times, which makes his back warm. Talk to him again and he comes to a conclusion that it's really hot and gets undressed.

8. Wow, we have a T-shirt! Hurry up to the knight with it. Since the T-shirt is sticky with the pitch, it can be used to stick together his legs. Enter the cave and the father is asleep because the tinkling sound is finally gone. Go to the front of the dart-man's house and sling all the ammunition on the the bird. After the third time the bird's nerves bust out and moves with his nest to the chimney. Pick from the ground a leaf that has fallen from the tree during our second shot. Inside the house pick some smut on the amputated ork's beard, and dirty the dragon treasure with it in the cave. Now we have to wake the father up. Go to the giant, and take a cord and a cogwheel from the giant's mill. Visit the lazy-fellow's house, put the yeast into his machine, and repair the machine using the cogwheel. Our remuneration will be a bottle with his laziness.

9. Go to the darttree, apply the laziness on the worm, and new green darts flush out. Go to the mountains, drop the leaf which will now be buoyed by the wind. The wind, which couldn't be found after his liberation, will become visible again thanks to the leaf. Talk to the leaf-wind; he will blow the clouds away from the darttree, the green darts will ripen, and fall to the ground. (The previous 2 procedures—disposal of the form and blowing the clouds away—can be done in the opposite order as well.) Go to the dart tree to pick the darts and bring them to the dart-man into the woods. The dart-man will go training to the bridge, thinking that a wooden dummy troll with a target is still standing there. He throws a dart on the troll, goes to him to take it out, the troll gets upset, and hits his nose. Since we have spoken to the dart-man about his memories, we surely know that he has got a little bell at him, and go to the place of the incident to find out whether it hasn't fallen outside his pocket ... well, it has.

10. Wake the sleeping father with the bell; instead of a shine treasure he will only see some dirty rubbish, and decides to go back home. At home we will get a broken spoon from him. The mother has disappeared from the house and so we can get to the window now. Start again at the hollow tree. It remains to dispose of the magical wand Evelyn. Go to the giant for a recipe for a liquidation soup, get a mouldy chicken broth from him, and he will tell us that we need a dirty ork sock. At the orks we discover that their boot-laces are terribly tangled and therefore we cannot there boots out. Go to the comedian, apply the script on him, and talk him round to take us as a helper. He will give us a key of his chest, where we find a fakir whistle. Play on the whistle at the orks like the snake tamers do in the Orient, and the tangled laces get untied. The sock is ours.

11. Drop the chicken broth and ork sock into the soup in the dragon house, fix the broken spoon using the cord, and mix the soup properly; an intense smell starts leaking out of the soup, attracting Evelyn. We need to ensure that the smell goes into all directions; attach the handle to the window and open the window. Leave for a moment towards the dart thrower's house, and when we are back, the wand Evelyn is at our home, lured by the smell of the soup. It gets liquidated by itself.

Translated into English by Robert Špalek.

Here are savegames for Dragon History played according to this walkthough (for the ScummVM version).