Dragon History

About the game

Dragon History is a Czech adventure game. The main hero is a little dragon called Bert, who is searching for his father that disappeared a short time ago, and remedy the mischiefs that he committed with evil magic wand Eveline.

We developed Dragon History in 1995. The game contains 40 locations, it is completely dubbed in Czech, and it was the first Czech CD game ever. Dragon History quickly became one of the best sold games on the Czech market; around 7000 copied were sold. Since then it was issued several times as an attachment of a game or computer magazine on a CD.

In 2006, I (Robert Špalek) released the source codes under the GNU GPL2 license. In 2009, the game was reimplemented inside the ScummVM meta-engine and since version 1.1 it is playable on a few dozen most common platforms. In 2010, two old bugs were fixed and now even the original game player runs smoothly on DosBox.

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Here is a walkthrough of Dragon History in English, German, Polish, and savegames for ScummVM. The original of the Czech walkthrough is here: czech games (card), abc games, or abeceda her.

When playing the game, use the left mouse click for exploration and walking, and the right mouse click for using and talking to. The inventory is accessible on the top the screen or by pressing 'i', and the map can be accessed is on the bottom of the screen or by pressing 'm'. You can press Escape to skip the intro or exit form the map/inventory, and skip the currently dubbed sentence by a mouse click. You can speed up the dragon's walking by pressing 'q'. The key '/' switches between the mouse pointer and the last game item in the hand, and the keys ',' and '.' rotate between all game items from the inventory. As usual in ScummVM, Ctrl-F5 opens the main game menu, where you can load/save the game, set up the volumes, and speed of the subtitles.

Download of the game

First, you need to get ScummVM for your platform, a version at least 1.2. Second, you need to download the original game files below, for the language of your choice. Besides the original Czech and Polish version with dubbing, we also have new translations in English and German, without a dubbing. If you want to hear Czech or Polish dubbing while playing another version, copy dub-mp3.zzz from their game archive to your installed game directory, and you will hear the copied dubbing in another language while reading the original subtitles.

The game has been released under the GNU GPL license version 2, hence you can download it for free including full source codes. The new game engine is a part of ScummVM and its source codes are thus also a part of it. The old game engine was written in Borland Pascal and Turbo Assembler, and only runs on MS-DOS. It can be downloaded below. Besides the game player you can also download the source codes of the game scripts written in our proprietary game programming language, and source images, sounds, and animations.


The game was created in 1994-1995 by a bunch of high school students from Brno, Czech Republic, called NoSense. The programmers were Pavel Pospíšil, Lukáš Svoboda, and Robert Špalek, the animators were Jakub Dvorský, Pavel Jura, and Jan Pokorný, our musician was Radovan Kramář, plus a lot of people that dubbed the voices.

The project was then untouched for 11 years until 2006, when I carried out archeological excavations on old burned CD's, successfully reconstructed the directory structure that is compilable, finished the foreign translations, cleaned things up a little, and created a publishable version.

In the summer of 2009, Denis Kasak started reimplementing the game engine in C++ as a part of the ScummVM project under my supervision at Google Summer of Code'09. When he got the money and disappeared, I took over the project and finished it. It is now a part of ScummVM.

In 2010, I have cleaned up the game scripts and graphics so that one can easier correct and/or translate them, fixed several bugs in the old and new game players, and implemented support for compressed dubbing. Serg Klim sent me 2 bugfixes, Tom Pietschmann has proofread the English translation, Kevin Werdelmann made a new German translation, Hubert Maier proofread it, Alexander Klaus translated the walkthrough into German, and Joanna Liana into Polish.


You can contact Robert Špalek at his usual e-mail address.