Selected software projects

Public projects:
Date Name Description Technologies License
2000‑2007 Sherlock Holmes Logo of Sherlock Holmes
Universal Google-like search engine – a system for gathering and indexing of textual data (text files, web pages, ...), both locally and over the network. You can test it on Morfeo, which indexes about 100 millions of documents from Czech Internet.
C, Perl, algorithms, data structures Full version commercial, restricted version GPL
1994‑1996 Dragon History Logo of Dragon History
An adventure game for MS-DOS about a little dragon looking for his lost father. It contains about 40 hand-drawn locations and all dialogues are fully spoken. It is the first Czech game distributed on a CD and it used to be the bestseller (about 7000 copies sold) on the Czech market. There exists a czech, english, and polish version.
Pascal, assembler, low-level graphics, editors, compilers, interpretters Used to be commercial, now it is GPL
2006, 2009 C++, ScummVM, MIDI GPL
1999‑2000 Partition Surprise Partition table manager – a program for moving, resizing, and converting of filesystems. It resembles Partition Magic, but it can in-place convert FAT into ext2 and vice versa provided that there is a little space free in the partition. C, FAT and EXT2 filesystems GPL, abandoned
1995‑1996 Catapult (screenshots) A real-time action game for MS-DOS, where each player controls a tank on a battlefield. Players can move, gather improvements, and shoot against other tanks. Single-player, multi-player, and network modes are all supported. Pascal, assembler, low-level graphics, AI, IPX/SPX Used to be commercial, now it is abandoned
1997 mf2tex mf2tex is a package of METAFONT and TeX macros for easy typesetting of TeX labels in METAFONT pictures. You can insert TeX labels into your METAFONT figures and align them to any object in the figure. mf2tex then extracts all labels and creates a TeX include-file that typesets everything together. This package was obsoleted by MetaPost, which is much more suitable for figures than METAFONT. GPL